Surgery and Clinics. Charges.

I perform some of the following surgical procedures every week in Cambridge:

Arthroscopic (‘keyhole’) Surgery

  1. Arthroscopic menisectomy, chondroplasty, micro-fracture and synovectomy.
  2. Arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using mainly hamstring autograft. Image guided. Remnant preserving.
  3. Arthroscopic posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and multi-ligament reconstruction of the knee.
  4. Revision ligament reconstruction of the knee.

Open Knee Surgery

  1. Uni-compartmental replacement using the Oxford Partial Knee by Zimmer Biomet. Cementless. Microplasty.
  2. Total knee replacement, specialising in cementless (hydroxyapatite-coated) design using the Genesis II System by Smith and Nephew.
  3. Patello-femoral surgery including realignment and replacement (Avon Knee).
  4. Osteotomies around the knee.
  5. Revision total knee replacement.
  6. Trauma reconstruction of the knee.


I hold outpatient clinics at The Nuffield and/or Spire Hospitals in Cambridge every week.

@ Nuffield Hospital  on Monday and Wednesday AM.

@ Spire Hospital on Thursday PM, Wednesdays PM and Tuesday AM.

Emergency Knee Clinics

  1. I hold an emergency knee clinic on a Monday morning at The Nuffield Hospital, Cambridge, intended for urgent sports-related and other knee problems including knee fracture sustained over the week-end.
  2. Ski Injuries: contacting the  Cambridge Knee Clinic  directly, following any injury sustained abroad, will enable rapid assessment and care: 01223 253 763. We will call you back whilst you are abroad.

Charges for self-pay patients

The charge for a new consultation is £260  (30 mins/as needed) and that for a follow-up is £165 (20 mins/as needed). Patients receive a copy of the clinic note detailing their symptoms, examination findings, results of scans/x-rays, as well as a diagnosis and treatment plan. Please note that costs for x-rays, scans and any surgery are separate. I will seek the lowest rates for any scans or surgery for my self-pay patients.